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Oct 13, 2017
Making a thread
Before you make a new thread make sure to look up for the thing that you are trying to post about first, it could be already posted by someone else. This is to prevent duplication and unnecessary threads.

Thread Title
The thread title must be related to the thread topic.
If your post became outdated or patched make sure to edit your thread title and add the prefix [PATCHED] or [OUTDATED]. same with your questions and problems you can add the prefix [SOLVED].

Thread Description
If you are posting someone else work then make sure to credit the right owner and give a well explained and honest description of it. don't just post links with wrong description,
if you are too lazy to provide these information then just save your time and don't make a thread because it won't be approved.

once you submit a thread your thread won't be visible yet. you will have to wait for a moderator or admin to approve your thread.

Only English is allowed in this forum.
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