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Fresh start

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Oct 13, 2017
Dear AutoSkillz members,

We had some troubles recently, and because our time is too tight, We had to close the forum and take a break for some time.
Unfortunately our time is still tight, and we don't have that many contribution whether in development or moderating the forum, but we still have a hope that we will grow by the time.

As we starting fresh, There are so many changes in our project. Our releases will no more be like old content.
For android we will introduce our own software soon, which will contain every release we make. The software will be compatible with virtual apps or with root access, this is very necessary for the injection technique, and for iOS we will continue providing same tweaks.
Though detections will be another story.

I'm still not sure how actively this forum will be now or in future, but we will do our best when we get time. I'm also hoping to see more contribution from other people.


~ AutoSkillz Team
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