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Latest reviews

The cheat is certainly good, but you need to make it for standoff 2 0.13.6
I want key for sharpshooter
Устанавливает инсталер.bin так надо?
Se você não vai mas concerta isso fala pra todo mundo
Make a header from virtual detected for vmos for no root
Hello, I have a problem. I play on VMOS. I instlled the skillinstal.apk, pathed killwhere, I started game, but none of the functions work
Hello, I want to ask, sometimes the drawing will suddenly not be used
Today, I appeared again. The account number is prohibited from 1001
very good, but you could put an option that you decide where the bullets go to, for example head chest foot etc.
Damn @Ruit, I thought you quit trying making it to work on reloaded and now it's working good
please update the cheats on C-ops
Or ban account number 1001, I hope you can solve this problem, thank you
Pls no root
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