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KittenWare (beta)

KittenWare (beta) 5.1

No permission to download
Whenever there is a new version of this software, then make sure to delete old version before installing new version.

Available plugins:

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3.54 star(s) 366 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update (v5.1)

    App changelog: -Added injection support for x86. -Improved support for Vmos. SO2 plugin...
  2. Update (v5.0)

    *Bug fixes *SO2 Plugin update
  3. Improvement (v4.2.1)

    -Patched one detection on SO2

Latest reviews

Либо я тупой либо что то не так я все делаю и пишет сорри ис плагин кстаревшии
Hey Ruit maybe im just dumb or then kittenwate has a problem. When i try to activate cheat it says "Injection Failed, Please Check Logcat" and i dont understand a s**t about it please help <3.
Can I play with autoskillz on standoff 32 bit?
Hello! Will you add someday aim or not?
Excelente BOYS
Android 11 does not take effect
--------- beginning of system
--------- beginning of main
--------- beginning of crash
I/KittenWare( 8238): Game Package: com.axlebolt.standoff2
I/KittenWare( 8238): Starting server thread now
I/KittenWare( 8238): iServer: Starting new connection on:
I/KittenWare( 8238): iServer: Connection has been established successfully for (
I/KittenWare( 8238): [ ==== New injection for Standoff 2 ==== ]
I/KittenWare( 8238): Device: Samsung SM-G930F
I/KittenWare( 8238): SDK: 22
I/KittenWare( 8238): ARCH: armv8l / armeabi-v7a
I/KittenWare( 8238): ROOT_MODE: Yes
I/KittenWare( 8238): IS_MOBILE: No
I/KittenWare( 8238): exit code: 1
Help pls
About the cheat is good ESP is working But Im just Hate Aimbot/magicbullet like you know the enemy know Im/We maybe its hacker/cheater Im just like Aimlock you know why because the bar kill idk the names if i kill with magic bullet will show icon Panetration or something the names of that icon but i don't like it Magic bullet Banned not problem but insults player was the main cause and btw sorry for my bad English because im not live in English 1# language country Im live in Indonesia yeah thx for the cheat -RendsS
u are the best website in the world
ruit and the autoskillz team as always, the best in terms of mobile hack, I really like the autoskillz hack and I really wish that one day it would work again for virtual xposed, I say this because I already played on a cell phone routed by my friend, anyway, great job, always count on us, sorry if there is a mistake, i'm from brazil and i'm translating this post
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