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KittenWare (beta)

KittenWare (beta) 3.4

No permission to download
Whenever there is a new version of this software, then make sure to delete old version before installing new version.

Available plugins:

First release
Last update
3.60 star(s) 288 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update (v3.4)

    -Updated C-Ops plugin
  2. Update (v3.3)

    *Various bug fixes. *New implementation for art hook installation which fixes the "gApp not...
  3. Improvement (v3.2)

    -Fixed crash occured on some devices after login

Latest reviews

Shows that the game is out of date.Hope to repair it as soon as possible
Standoff outdated Because when I click on the cheat status to activate the Critical Ops menu mod appears to check the LogCat I have root all right but it won't
Standoff2 outdated
3.4Version 3.5 can no longer run the game request you to update it quickly, thank you!
Обнова вийша плиз зделай
Very nice mod menu but doesn't work at the newest update of standoff 2 ver:0.13.5
On the new version 1.16.0.f1120 up+ cheats not working. Repair it
Not working in root showing injection failed
Fake, error "injection failed"
Mod menu schließt sich
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