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KittenWare (beta) - Root

KittenWare (beta) - Root 3.2

No permission to download
Whenever there is a new version of this software, then make sure to delete old version before installing new version.

Available plugins:

First release
Last update
3.69 star(s) 245 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Improvement (v3.2)

    -Fixed crash occured on some devices after login
  2. Improvement (v3.1)

    -Improved performance -Major bug fixes -Improved compatibility with magisk hide -Improved...
  3. Improvement (v3.0)

    -Added multi plugin support -Layout improvements -Updated so2 plugin to 0.13.0 -Initial plugin...

Latest reviews

Quick update
3.3 ha
The game is now forced to update,3.2 to disable it. I went for more than 200 hours and didn't get caught! Xiaomi device root! You're a great hacker! When will it be updated0.13.4
standoff 2 update already out 0.13.4, please update the app please
Only standoff works, although there is a critical ops. just does not open CO
New update 0.13.4 standoff 2 pls 3.3, 4.0 autoskillz
new update
Mod nao está funcionando mais depois que atualizo o jogo. A uma previsão para resolverem?
The account will be blocked the next day. I hope it can be solved. I've blocked six accounts.
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