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kitSO2 1.7

No permission to download
First release
Last update
4.10 star(s) 105 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Beta test, (root only)

    This beta test is for root users only. -Added support for 0.12.6 game update -Internal...
  2. Improvemet (v1.6)

    -Better logging -few UI adjustments -Better root & parallel space bypass
  3. Improvemet (v1.5)

    -Fixed virtual space bypass issue for some android versions -Few internal tweaks

Latest reviews

I appreciate the update but these people need to calm down u need to see it was a"beta test" and it will not be stable.You guys just pushing this plugin maker to make update and just hate the update? Atleast its updated its not that easy to make a plugin like this. Use brain
MY Device: Huawei Honor 7
my device rooted
cheat was injected on my device but it doesn't work in game
My device is rooted , and my game is crashing every time! No root pls.
Pls add virtual space , no root pls!!
I ran the game through the plugin and it (Standoff 2) stopped working,
When I start cheat it says Standoff 2 stopped working.
Wonderfulworking like charm with better menu , I just face one problem , its cause drop in fps
Не запускается игра , рут есть
Root??? Camon bro
Привет, гений! Я скачал данное приложение, зашел, запустил, а игра не запустилась. Помоги, что да как делать?
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